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Through exploring your thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential relationship counselling provides the opportunity to look at and reassess aspects of your life.  The counsellor is not there to advise you but to help you accept what has happened and find your way through.

My approach is primarily person-centred and humanistic:  I will listen and reflect non-judgmentally, with acceptance and understanding, allowing you the space to explore what you think and feel.  Sometimes I incorporate methods from theoretical models such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) if I think this will be helpful to you.

I work with individuals of any age over 16 years and charge 45 per hour-long session.  Some concessions are available for students and people on low incomes.  

There are no upper or lower limits to the number of sessions, although a counselling relationship benefits from having time to develop.  You may find that just a few sessions are enough to make a difference.  Like most counsellors, I find that one session per week is practical and gives time for reflection before we next meet while also providing continuity.  

Sessions are normally an hour long and times can be flexibly booked to fit in with your needs.


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